Digital humanists at any stage in their career or level of experience are always seeking resources to expand their knowledge and skillset. This is an ongoing process, and the materials provided on this course site are not comprehensive.

Instead, the materials provided on the following pages will give you a place to start exploring digital humanities out in the world.

Scholarly Writing

Doing research in the area of digital humanities requires searching for scholarly journals and books, as well as exploring scholarly blogs and communities. This page provides a list of books, journals, and sites that are at the core of the DH community.

Tools and Tutorials

This page shares tools and supporting materials that allow you to do digital humanities work. They are broken into sections based on type of tool. If you find tools that are not listed on this page but that you would like to use, we encourage you to do so with the instructors’ permission.


Individuals, institutions, newspapers, and governments regularly share datasets with the public. This page provides a list of datasets that are suitable for digital humanities work as well as a list of places to discover additional datasets.

Tips for Successful Slides

Suggestions for improving presentation slides for audience comprehension and accessibility.

Website Creation Platforms

Options for creating a website laid out and pros/cons discussed.

Digital Project Evaluation Template