Project Critique 2 (11/5)

(5% of overall grade)

Introduction and goals

Digital Humanities projects come in many forms, rely on a wide array of data types, and involve any manner of technologies. In this assignment, you will critically examine the goals, methods, and materials behind a DH project. Becoming accustomed to navigating a project site and exploring how each project approached its data, process, and presentation is a crucial skill for this class.


For the second project critique, choose one project to evaluate from the list of projects below:

The Project Evaluation Template includes descriptions for each of the sections and question prompts. Be as thorough in your responses as you can.

Make a copy of the Project Evaluation Template, rename it to include your last name, and fill it out, being sure to respond to each section. Don’t forget to insert your name, the title of the project, and the project’s URL at the top of the document. Turn in the Project Critique in Slack by the beginning of class.


  • Project Background and Goals (20%)
  • Presentation (30%)
  • Material and data (50%)